Different packaged sizes of our products are available. Our freeze dried powder and dehydrated fruits are packaged and sold in kilograms (1 Kg is equivalent to more than 10,000 servings of the individual miracle berries). Smaller packs of the powder are available in 250g and 500g.

Please contact us for details on shipping quotes and total cost if you wish to order any of our products.

Tips to Get the maximum effect from the Wondataste miracle berry friut Products

  • It must be stored in a fridge or a freezer to maintain its efficacy due o the sensitivity of the miraculin to heat.

  • Avoid prolong exposure of the powder to air. The powder must always be kept or stored in an air tight container to prevent reabsorption of moisture from the atmosphere into the product. This is because; the freeze dried miracle berry powder is very hygroscopic (it easily draws moisturefrom the atmosphere) and may cake if not kept air-tight.

  • The Wondataste powder is very concentrated with the miraculin (1 Kg of the powder is equivalent to about 10,000 individual serving of the miracle berry), therefore to avoid wasting of the powder, a small quantity can alter the taste on the tongue.

  • For maximum effect, gently lick the powder to ensure that, it has completely coated the tongue prior to the eating or drinking of the meal.

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