Wondataste Miracle Berry Fruit Powder

Miracle Berry (Synsepalum dulcificum), is a plant native to West Africa that has been used for centuries by local tribes to sweeten generally acidic or sour foods and drinks. The miracle berry or its product contains a unique glycoprotein called miraculin that inhibits the tongue’s perception of sour flavors.

The miracle berry fruits are very perishable due to its high moisture content. Therefore, a special technology of drying known as freeze drying is used to remove the moisture from the fruit to prolong its shelf life. The miracle berry powder contains the same composition (rich vitamins antioxidants and the glycoprotein called miraculin) as that of the fresh miracle fruit except moisture which has been removed.

When the miracle berry powder (about 100mg) is consumed, the miraculin in the powder binds to the taste buds on the tongue and that miraculin on a person’s tongue then causes the sweet receptors on their taste buds to identify sour food or drink as sweet. For example; a lemon suddenly tastes like lemonade and vinegar tastes like apple juice (The miraculin rewires the sweet receptors to temporarily identify acids as sugars). For up to an hour all acidic and sour flavors will be masked and everything consumed will taste sweet.

Uses/Health Benefits

1. It helps in removing the metallic taste associated with chemotherapy patients. Read more

2. It serves as a natural taste enhancer for Diabetic patients. Read more

3. It serves as a Food flavor enhancer for dieters.

4. It helps reduce sugar intake and thus controlling body weight and tooth decay.

5. It contains Anti-oxidant properties and active polyphenols needed for healthy growth. Read more

Dosage/ Direction For Use

i. Gently swirl at least 100mg-300mg of the miracle berry fruit powder in your mouth(depending on the sensitivity of your taste buds).
ii. Allow the powder to completely coat the tongue before meal.
iii. The tongue is now modified to perceive sour or acidic food and drink as sweet.

Handling/ Storage Conditions

Always keep the dehydrated miracle berry fruit in an air-tight bag or container and store at a temperature of 10 degree Celsius.

Do not expose the dehydrated miracle berry fruits to air, moisture and high temperature (above 20 degree celsius) during storage

Shipment Conditions

The miracle berry fruit powder is shipped under ambient conditions in vacuum sealed cellophane bags (which are air tight). Shipments are done usually by air through courier services.

Expiry Date

The expiry date of our WondaTaste miracle berry fruit powder is 2 years from the date of production (when kept air tight and stored at a temperature of temperature of 10 degree celsius)

FOB Price

Different packaged sizes of the WondaTaste miracle berry fruit powder are available in:
USD 799/Kg
USD 450/500g
USD 240/250g There is a special discount for bulk purchase of up to 5Kg

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Kg of the WondaTaste miracle berry fruit powder

Delivery Time

The Product is delivered within one week after payment is confirmed.

Payment Terms / Warranty

The company accepts Payment by Bank Transfer (TT) and Western Union Money Transfer.

Availability Of Samples

Samples are available at a discounted FOB Price (for first-time-buyers).

Product Advantage / Quality

We supply only 100% Natural and high potency miracle berry fruit powder and our products contain only miracle berry fruit as the only ingredient. No other ingredient, such as corn flour, mannitol or sorbitol (which are usually added by other supplier of the powder to increase its weight) is added. Therefore our powder is highly potent with 1kg of our powder contains more than 25Kg of the fresh miracle berry fruits or 12,000 individual miracle berry fruits.