Miracle berry is a revolutionary product that has multiply health benefits. Think of all the people who would love to enjoy sweets without having the caloric effects.

A good dieting supplement

The miracle fruit and the powder can serve as a good dieting supplement, since it contains no calories and it is sugar free (because what makes it sweet is actually protein base known as miraculin). This unique property (taste modifying property) enables people to drink and eat food whilst controlling the intake of their calories. This product is completely natural and it enables most foods to be enjoyed with no sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

It makes it easier to take bitter medicine

The product can be very helpful for individuals especially kids who take bitter medicine, since it can make bitter medicine palatable. Those on long term medication or on regular bitter medicine can take some relief once they take it with miracle berry products, because our powder can make it palatable and more pleasant.

Treatment of metallic taste due to chemotherapy

One of the side effects that cancer patients experience when undergoing chemotherapy (cancer treatment) is the loss of the sense of taste (metallic taste). Cancer patients usually lose appetite since foods no longer hold it appealing flavor or taste. The loss of appetite may also lead to weigh loss and malnutrition. However, when these patients take miracle berry or its products, it helps them to retrieve the lost appetite or sense of taste (Food no longer taste metallic).

A healthier sweetener for Diabetic

The miracle berry fruit or the powder is calorie free, completely natural and has no adverse effect, therefore serving as a healthier alternative to sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Moreover, scientific studies have reported miracle berry and its products to have potential to stabilize human blood glucose level, thus serving as a perfect product for combating obesity and diabetes.Managing blood glucose levels is not an easy task, one has to avoid foods high in sugar, reduce carbohydrate consumption, eat less fat, eat more often, eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, reduce alcohol consumption, and more. To make things worse, many foods one has to eat don't taste that well. But with miracle berry products (especially, the miracle berry powder), managing blood glucose can be practiced with much ease, due to its taste modifying property.

Food flavor enhancer

The miracle berry and its products can also helpmake fruits and vegetable much more appealing, for example; broccoli or lettuce with lemon juice and salad with lime juice. These and most exotic fruits taste great with miraculin. With miracle berry products, most people especial children can develop new love for fruits and vegetables. This can serve as a unique way to encourage children to eat healthy food (more fruits and vegetables) without struggle, since eating become more of fun, finding out how the created meal taste like.

Control of weight and tooth decay

Miracle berry product can help control human body weight and tooth decay, since the product does not contain sugar in its self (no calories), but it only modified the tongue to perceive food and drinks to be sweet.

It contains Anti-oxidant properties and active polyphenols

Miracle berry and its powder is known to contain flavonoids with antioxidant properties. The fruit is also found to contain several active polyphenols which are beneficial for healthy living.

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