Sweet Life Group

Sweet Life Group is a vibrant and a reliable supplier of miracle berry products. These products include the Wondataste miracle berry friut powder (an efficacious miraculin composite powder) and the Wondataste dehydrated miracle berry fruit. Other forms of the miracle berry products such as viable miracle berry seeds are available upon special request. Also, the company is into the supply of processed cashew nuts and PEJ grain mix.

The company believes that, sweet life begins with good health; therefore it has great passion and expertise to supply its cherished customers with high quality and organically grown and processed miracle berry products. The key target customers of the business include; cancer centers and patients, drinks and beverage companies, tablet formulation companies and individuals. Sweet Life does not compromise on the safety and quality for profits, yet we able to supply its product at the most reasonable affordable cost.

The company is managed by a team of business oriented and miracle berry expert who are passionate about consumers health. Their passion is motivated by the great and numerous health benefits derived from miracle berry fruits and products.

Our Mission

We are very committed to the safety and quality of our product and for that matter our customers are the top most priority in our business;we always seek to offer the best product at the lowest possible cost.

The company seeks to become one of the leading suppliers of miracle berry products, offering customers with best service and unique experience with our wonder products. Therefore, we supply the best miracle berry products with our fruits being organically cultivated and maintained to ensure healthy and quality fruits for the production of our miracle berry powder.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading supplier of freeze dried miracle berry powder in the world, supplying customers with high quality, efficacious and organically grown and processed miracle berry powder to ensure customer satisfaction and sustainable business.